Winter on Kola Peninsula

Adventure | Price: from €1.400 | Hotel: 5 stars |

Visit Kola in search of the Polar Lights!

Explore the landscapes of the Kola Peninsula in search of the Polar Lights! This trip takes place in winter, when the statistical chance to see them are at the highest. The 7 day programs shows you the best of the unique and beautiful scenery of this region. Husky dog sleigh riding, snowmobile safari, and abandoned Soviet military base in the Russian Arctic cold. 

Kola in Winter
The short winter days have a particularly bright and clean light when the sun is shining on the snow-covered landscape. (Photo: fototerra )

The Kola Peninsula is an ideal destination for all those that seek stunning landscapes and are thrilled at the idea of travelling through an endless northern desert. Stately mountains where no human foot has yet trod upon, the endless taiga and crystal clear waters will make an unforgettable impression on you. The Kola Peninsula has a lot to offer – beginning with polar bears and ending with the Northern Lights!

Price: From 1.400 Euro per person. (5 nights in a double room, including breakfast and lunch)
When: February, statistically the best period to experience the Polar Lights.
Last day of booking: 4 weeks before travel start (this time is required to prepare all the paper work for the official invitation and the visa)
Group Size: From individual travelers to larger groups
Duration: 6 Days
Time zone: Moscow time, (CET +1 hour in summer, +2 hours in winter)
How to get here: There are daily flights with transfers in St Petersburg or Moscow (flight time from there to Murmansk is 2 hours)
Is included: 5 nights in a hotel in Murmansk, support with visa the application – including all application fees, all transfers & transports (including husky dog sledding), rent of snowmobile (2 persons share 1 snowmobile), breakfast & lunch, English-speaking translator, local guides
Is not included: Guarantee of Northern Lights (unfortunately there is no switch where we can turn it on and off) , dinner & drinks in the evenings (we will recommend restaurants & bars), flight tickets (we can help with the booking), Dinner , single room accommodation, gratuity


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Let us take care of everything for your trip to Russia. From visa application, to organizing all activities.


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Day 1.

Azimut Hotel in Murmansk
The hotel has a dreadful exterior in the most brutal Soviet style, but the rooms are comfortable with all modern amenities. And the are always warm.

The first day is about arrival. After a meet and greet at the airport, you will get a transfer to the hotel, help with check in, and all the necessary paper work. Depending on time and energy left, there is an option for a city tour, including a visit of the first nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world «Lenin».

If the conditions are good, there is also an option for a «Hunting for Northern Lights Tour» – (from 21.00 to midnight)

Visit Teriberka in Winter
Life in the village of Teriberka circled around the fish processing plant, which over time found it harder and harder to compete.(fototerra)

Day 2.

After breakfast in the hotel, we set of for Teriberka, a small village a 3-hour ride from Murmansk. The small village on the Arctic coast was the setting for the 2014 film Leviathan” by the most prominent modern Russian director – Zvyagintsev. The dilapidated small village illustrates the challenges present Russia is struggling in its remote areas. But it is also home to amazing nature. Prepare to get familiar with life in rural Russia and some spectacular views!

If the conditions are good, there is also an option for a «Hunting for Northern Lights Tour» – (from 21.00 to midnight)

  • 9.00 Breakfast
  • 10.00 Meeting with the Guide, departure to Teriberka village with a couple of stops in picturesque landscapes with shipwrecks.
  • 13.00 Excursion through Teriberka: Teriberka waterfall between the rocks near the Barents Sea; Artillery battery that protected the coast until the 1950s; hiking on the beach (time for lunch is planned, tourists pay for themselves)
  • 17.00 Departure to Murmansk
  • 20.00 Back in the Hotel, free time

Day 3.

Murmansk at night
The city of Murmansk is stretched almost 20 km along the eastern shore of the Kola Bay, and is home to more than 300.000 people. In winter there is no daylight for 40 days.

The 3rd day of the trip we will dedicate to Murmansk and show how the everyday life is in the northernmost city of the world (including the northernmost McDonald’s in the world), located almost 300 km from the Arctic circle.  You will have the chance to experience the routines of living in the Polar Zone in winter, and see how people cope with the harsh conditions.

  • 09.00 Breakfast in the hotel
  • 10.00 Meeting with the guide at the reception, beginning of the excursion through Murmansk
  • 10.30 The northernmost McDonald’s in the world
  • 11.30 Visit to the atomic icebreaker “Lenin”
  • 13.00 Excursion to “Nerpa” shipyard
  • 15.00 Master class for preparation of specialties of Russian northern cuisine
  • 16.30 Late lunch with the prepared food
  • 17.30 Shopping
  • 19.30 Return to the hotel, resting time
  • 22.00 Meeting with the guides and beginning of the night-life tour

Day 4.
Visit to a Husky dog farm, where there will also be Husky dog sleigh riding.

In the evening there is a «Hunting for Northern Lights Tour» – (from 21.00 to midnight), before we return to the hotel.

  • 09.00 Breakfast in the hotel
  • 10.00 Meeting with the guide at the reception, departure to the husky farm (170 km away).
  • 13.00 Dog sleigh ride and deer sleigh ride (time for lunch planned, food included).
  • 16.30 Departure to Murmansk
  • 19.30 Return to the hotel

Day 5.
Snowmobile Kola
Snowmobile safari deep into the forests and beyond. The rout will be along a frozen lake, with stops including an abandoned military base! After a transfer for 2 hours, we’ll continue on snowmobile (2 persons on 1 snowmobile) for the rest of the day. In the evening there is a transfer back to the hotel in Murmansk.

If the conditions are good, there is also an option for a «Hunting for Northern Lights Tour» – (from 21.00 to midnight)

  • 09.00 Breakfast in the hotel
  • 10.00 Meeting with the guide and departure to the place of safari (30 km away from Murmansk)
  • 11.00 Briefing
  • 12.00 Start of the safari
  • 14.00 Lunch in the Café (not included)
  • 15.00 Continuation of safari
  • 17.00 Return of equipment
  • 18.00 Return to the hotel, free time

Day 6.
After breakfast at the hotel, check-out and transfer to the airport for the flight back home.


Extra Options available

Alyosha Murmansk
Murmansk played an important role in WWII as a destination for Allied aid shipped to the Soviet Union. It was almost completely destroyed in 1942 when fire bombs destroyed three quarters of the city, which was almost entirely made of wood. Alyosha of Murmansk is a monument to commemorate the soldiers, sailors, and airmen that lost their lives during the war.
  • Ice fishing at a lake famous for its trout (includes instructor for 1 hour and renting equipment)
  • Camping in the wilderness for maximal chances to experience the Polar Lights.
  • Tourism programs for St Petersburg or Moscow
  • Skiing in the Khibiny Mountains


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