River cruises in Russia

Russia Package | Price: from 650 Euro | Hotel: 5 stars |

River Cruises in Russia

A river cruise to the Karelian island of Kizhi on Lake Onega provides locals and tourists with a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the big city.

Enjoy an all-inclusive holiday week aboard a cruise ship and explore the region’s mesmerising sceneries and famous historical artefacts. Kizhi Pogost is a significant historical site on Kizhi island. The site is famed for its two wooden churches and wooden bell tower, all of which were constructed without the use of a single nail.

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Tour Info

Price: from 650 EUR
When: 15.07.18 – 20.07.18
Booking deadline: 4 weeks before the trip start
Duration: 6 days
How to get there: to St. Petersburg by a plane
Timezone: Moscow time

What’s included in this travel program? Accommodation onboard a river cruise ship, 3 meals a day (1-3 meals on the day of your arrival and departure, depending on the time of day), sightseeing trips and tickets.

Not included: Transfers to and from the airport or station, food and drink purchased at the bar, phone calls, sauna visits, additional sightseeing tours, additional services and service charges


We know Russia by heart and will take you places no one else does. Bespoke services for small and large groups.


Let us take care of everything for your trip to Russia. From visa application, to organizing all activities.


You have full insurance protection with us. Use our service number to get in touch with us at any time.

Trip itinerary

Day 1: Saint Petersburg

Board the ship at Utkina Zavod pier. Boarding starts three hours prior to departure at 7pm. You can add a tour of Saint Petersburg to your trip. Lunch will be served onboard the ship.


Day 2: Valaam

Valaam is an archipelago of more than 50 islands located in the northern part of Lake Ladoga. The largest island – also called Valaam – is famous for its monastery. Many famous painters and composers were regular visitors to Valaam – among them Tchaikovsky and the renowned Russian painter Ivan Shishkin.

Photo: Alexxx Malev

Day 3: Lodeynoe Pole

Lodeynoe Pole – the ‘field of boats’ – is a town located on the left bank of the Svir river. Lodeynoe Pole is famous for its Alexander-Svirsky Monastery, but you can also choose to visit the Vvedeno-Oyatsky women’s monastery. You’ll be heading to Svirstroy next, a municipality northeast of Lodeynoe Pole and the former headquarters of the Svirlag labour camp.

Day 4: Kizhi Island

Kizhi Island is the main attraction along this route: located on Lake Onega, it is known for its unique wooden churches dating back to the 14th century and its open-air museum containing over 40,000 domestic and religious artefacts.
In the evening, you’ll head on to Petrozavodsk, Karelia’s largest city.

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Day 5: Mandrogi

Nestled on the left bank of the Svir river between Lakes Onega and Ladoga, Mnadrogi is a reproduction of a traditional Russian settlement. Enjoy a day of pure relaxation: visit the vodka museum, go on a long walk and enjoy shashlyki, traditional Russian meat skewers.


Day 6: Return to Saint Petersburg

You’ll return to Saint Petersburg around 9am. You can choose to book an additional trip to Kronshtadt.



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Header Image: Alexxx Malev